Europäische Konferenz zur Unterstützung und Solidarität mit dem saharauischen Volk
Conferencia Europea de Apoyo y Solidaridad con el Pueblo Saharaui
European Conference for Support and Solidarity with the Saharawi People
Conférence Européenne de Soutien et Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui
الندوة الاوروبية للتضامن ودعم الشعب الصحراوي

Berlin - Deutschland 2. und 3. Dezember 2022

Final declaration 45th EUCOCO

The 45th EUCOCOCO Conference in support of the Saharawi people’s struggle to exercise their inalienable and imprescriptible right to self-determination and independence took place from 10 to 11 December 2021 in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

It should be noted that Spain remains the de jure administering Power of Western Sahara and bears legal and moral responsibility for the occupation and colonisation of Western Sahara by Morocco. Indeed, because of this responsibility, Spain must play a decisive role in the resolution of this long-standing colonial conflict.

This year’s conference took place at a particular moment marked by COVID’s health crisis,19 which has imposed certain organisational constraints, such as the obligation to limit the number of participants.

Thus, 210 people representing governments, parliamentary institutions, associations, committees of support to the Saharawi people in the presence of a large Saharawi delegation, led by the Saharawi Prime Minister, Mr. Bouchraya Bayoune, were able to participate in the conference and lead various workshops.

An important fact: this 45th EUCOCOCO took place in a context of a return to war. After almost thirty years of unfinished peace process, following the Moroccan aggression of 13 November 2020, the Saharawi people were obliged to defend themselves against this aggression by resuming their armed struggle.

The Conference pays tribute and expresses its support to the brave fighters of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) who, risking their lives, daily confront a Moroccan army of occupation equipped with the most sophisticated weapons of destruction. It also salutes the heroic resistance of the Saharawi people in the refugee camps, in the occupied territories, in the diaspora and wishes to express its deep solidarity and pay tribute to the fierce struggle waged by Sultana Khaya and her family, a struggle which has become a symbol of the resistance of the Saharawis in the occupied territories.

The Conference welcomes the position of Algeria for its firm, persistent and multiform support to the Saharawi people. Algeria, by providing the refugees with care, education and security, supports their legitimate demands for self-determination and independence. It condemns on this occasion the Moroccan aggressions and provocations against it and denounces the crime committed by the Moroccan army against Algerian traders who were passing through Saharawi territory.

The Conference welcomes the position of the African Union and remains convinced that, as a regional organisation, it can act to bring its two member countries, namely the Saharawi Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco, to the negotiating table in order to resolve the conflict and put an end to colonialism in Africa.

The EUCOCOCO Conference welcomes the successes achieved by the Saharawi cause at the level of the highest legal bodies of the European Union, especially the latest judgments of the Court of 29 September 2021, which clearly annulled the agreements between the EU and Morocco confirming, once again, the fact that Morocco and Western Sahara are two distinct and separate territories and that no agreement can include the Saharawi territory without the consent of its people and its sole and legitimate representative, the POLISARIO Front.

The Conference denounces the attitude of the countries of the European Union which have decided to appeal against the verdict of the General Court in which they express their intention to prolong the plundering of Saharawi resources and to prolong, de facto, the plight of the Saharawi people.

The Conference calls on Spain to denounce the Madrid Agreements of 14 November 1975, which allowed the Kingdom of Morocco to invade Western Sahara, causing the tragedy of the Saharawi people. Spain, having been at the origin of this drama, must change its policy and come to the aid of the Saharawi people, valuing their struggle and the institutions they themselves chose by opting for the recognition of the Polisario Front and the Saharawi Republic.

The Conference denounces France, which favours supporting Morocco in its colonial adventure. As a permanent member of the Security Council, this country must cease its actions within the Security Council, which have contributed to the stagnation of the peace process for 30 years.
The Conference calls on the Moroccan people to denounce the new partnership between Israel and Morocco and their alliance which undermines the rights of the Saharawi people and the brotherly people of Palestine.

The Conference calls on the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres and Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to assume their responsibility, especially that of allowing the Saharawi people to freely self-determine themselves as all Saharawi people.

The participants in the work of this 45th Conference of Solidarity with the Saharawi people were organised in four workshops covering four fields of action. Workshop “Politics and Communication”, Workshop “Human Rights”, Workshop “Consolidation of the Saharawi State”, Workshop “Natural Resources”.

In the course of their work, the participants drew up a detailed road map for the year 2022 and decided to set up a monitoring committee each of them, which will ensure the implementation of the decisions taken during the Conference within the Task Force.

The reports of the four workshops will be read out at the end of the Conference and will be annexed to this resolution.

The participants of this 45th Conference of solidarity, aware of the new situation following the breaking of the cease-fire, express, more than ever, their unconditional support for the Saharawi people and the POLISARIO Front in their struggle for national liberation, convinced that stability in North Africa cannot be achieved by flouting international legality, by eliminating a people who are courageously fighting for their liberation and by making the right of force take precedence over the force of law. The time of colonialism must be eliminated forever from the relations between nations and the last colony in Africa must be able to enjoy its independence without delay.

The 45th EUCOCOCO wishes to pay a deep tribute to the island of La Palma, devastated by the volcano, and expresses its gratitude to the Canary Islands authorities for their support for the organisation of this Conference. It also thanks the organising committee of this 45th EUCOCOCO.

The 45th EUCOCOCO decides that the next 46th EUCOCOCO Conference will be held in Germany.

Long live solidarity, long live the POLISARIO Front and long live the national liberation struggle of the Saharawi people.

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