Europäische Konferenz zur Unterstützung und Solidarität mit dem saharauischen Volk
Conferencia Europea de Apoyo y Solidaridad con el Pueblo Saharaui
European Conference for Support and Solidarity with the Saharawi People
Conférence Européenne de Soutien et Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui
الندوة الاوروبية للتضامن ودعم الشعب الصحراوي

Berlin - Deutschland 2. und 3. Dezember 2022

Natural resources

The unrestrained and savage plundering of the natural resources of Western Sahara by the occupying Kingdom of Morocco has been and continues being the crucial element that ensures the continuity of illegal occupation. According to data offered by different reports from international organizations, considering the economic benefits that Morocco earns from the territory of Western Sahara, the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara would have ceased to be a reality decades ago. Given the passivity of the UN, the inaction of the Security Council, the complicity of lobbies from around the world, governments with no intention of respecting International Law and the absence of neutrality of certain countries and supra-state organizations, the mentioned robbery continues in the midst of absolute impunity.

This plunder is used to finance the constant heinous measures of repression against Saharawi population in the occupied areas of Western Sahara and to ensure the persistence of illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

The pillaging of natural resources of Western Sahara has been and continues to be the essence of the illegal occupation of SADR territories by the feudal Moroccan regime, hence, the need to develop a strategy aimed at safeguarding the sought after natural resources for the benefit of Sahrawi people, who holds the solemn sovereignty over Saharawi territory, its waters, its airspace and its resources, as duly established by International Law. Therefore the need of an urgent and paramount strategy that combines a commitment to the legal field with an activism that would be increasingly rebellious and challenging, at the same time, innovative, in order to cope with the military and media blockade exercised by the Moroccan occupying forces.

In this regard, the sentences of the EUCJ, especially those of the second instance -it is hoped that they will be favorable to Saharawi people and their interests- as a result of the appeal presented by the the European Commission, with the support of France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Poland, would be a solid and forceful base on which it must be built. A joint effort is required when it comes to defending the legitimacy and sovereignty of Saharawi people, represented by the POLISARIO Front, over its territory and its natural resources, against an enemy that is strongly covered by some world superpowers.

Proper coordination and effective planning are paramount and should guide the corresponding work plan. The provisioning of Saharawi cause is the international legality, but so must be security, confidentiality, responsibility, adequate monitoring and strict compliance with what is planned and agreed. There is no doubt that the obstacles are enormous and hindering, which implies redoubling the “brainstorming” in order to deal, through monitoring and surveillance, with deceptive tactics used by Moroccan occupation authorities in conspiracy with private and public international companies, such as the camouflage of fishing boats, the packaging of Saharawi products in the south of Morocco, etc.


EUCOCO is a unique opportunity where a group of experts, members of the solidarity movement with Saharawi people, Saharawi authorities, sympathizers, among others, can contribute to channeling strategies and ideas aimed at forcing public and private companies, including the European Union, to put an end to such illegal and illegitimate practices. Likewise, it is a good opportunity to raise awareness and involve parties, trade unions, international organizations and other actors in the information and raising awareness campaigns and different actions carried out by Saharawi people and the defenders of their just cause, within the framework of universal justice.

It is a favorable occasion to adapt our strategies to the impositions made by climate change and to fight the strategies based on “eco imposture” or “greenwashing” carried out by Morocco, taking advantage of the considerable natural wealth of Western Sahara, such as wind and sun, undoubtedly essential for renewable energies and whose indiscriminate and constant plundering will be the bulk of the whole planned production of green energy by Morocco, with Western Sahara representing the source of 50% of its total production for the year 2030.



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